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The gelatin silver prints offered and mentioned on this website are unique and were produced in the years 1982 - 2006 for exhibitions, collections, books, newspapers and magazines. Even the same motifs have - due to the individual enlargements by the artist and the different requirements of a publication - different appearances, materials and formats. (Exceptions are the editions "Sacrament and Sin" and "habemus", whose prints were the only ones produced in advance by the artist and are almost identical).

As part of the Digitalis cycle, the first digital productions were created from 1992 onwards. But it was from 2006 that new photo series and exhibition projects were produced only with Archival Pigment Prints. Since I do not produce editions in advance here either, the same motifs are not the same in appearance. This is because the properties of the papers, the colour pigments and the printing have changed constantly since then, just as in analogue photography. And last but not least, my own view of photography also changes.

Prices, Conditions & Availability
All existing prints are signed, dated ( some with notes) and have the photographer's copyright stamp on the reverse and, with a few exceptions, are limited to an edition of three to a maximum of five + 2AP in a variety of formats and materials.

The prices, conditions and availabilities of Vintage Prints, Fine Art Prints, Books, Portfolio Papers and Editions can be requested. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Usage rights, licenses and downloads can here be ordered online. After the payment process via PayPal is completed,  a link for download of HiRes Files will be provided.

Customers known to me can be activated for a general download. The previously negotiated fee can be settled by invoice or as a fee instruction later. Please contact me in advance. In urgent cases it is best to contact me directly.

The rights of use of some motifs on this website are also available from the photo agency VISUM (Germany) and its partner agencies Redux (USA), Eyevine (UK), Studio X (France), APA (Austria) and LUZ (Italy) for their respective countries.

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Bernd Arnold
Cologne, Germany


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